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$20-50 Want your sword to really sparkle? I've had some good luck with getting a nice shine on carbon steel. Price will depend on the severity of the scale/rust on the metal (also see rust removal). This is for light surface rust only

Standard Blade De-Burring

$10-20 De-burring a blade is the simplest bit of maintenance following regular use. I can restore an edge to a smooth finish.


$30-50 For the heavy use and abuse through which some people put their swords (or mine!.. resisting urge to name names...).


$10-20 I can take these training tips off and smooth it out to a stage-safe finish. I can re-profile a blade to straighten a wavy edge to a limited extent. I can also do limited repair work, but I offer no guarantees.

Rust Removal

Quotes based on severity. Rust is the natural enemy of steel; like a cancer. If you should happen to neglect a sword for a long time, this can happen. I can help, but it can be time consuming and expensive. By hand, this particular rusty sword would have taken upwards of 5 hours of work. Not fun and probably still wouldn't look like you want it to.

Blade Dulling

$5-20 If you bought a blade with an edge, or if you have a specific real knife you want for a show. I can dull them for use on stage. Knives are still thin mind you, and I can only go so far. I will give you my best opinion on suitability if your weapon is not specifically designed for stage, free of charge.

Looks more menacing!

But still safe for stage.

An old sword gets some love.

This old, forgotten katana (literally forgotten- a friend discovered it in his basement after some flooding. He had bought it years ago and forgot he owned it). These pictures show just how bad the rust had gotten, including significant pitting on the blade. One side was worse than the other.

Here is that same sword after 3 and a half hours of work. This took so long as I needed to polish off the rust to assess the pitting in the blade; then grinding out to match the hollow grind of the blade profile, smoothing to an even finish and final polishing to a near mirror finish. Luckily, this sword had metal to spare and the structure was not weakened with all the grinding. The customer's first words were "It feels a pound lighter!" (I won't name the organization, but the manufacture is notorious for stout but heavy blades). It was a lot of work, but rehabbing this old blade was satisfying.

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