Theatrical Weapon Rental and Maintenance

Stage Combat is an art form, requiring skill, patience, perseverance, talent, and creativity. I strive to create a heightened sense of drama which tells a story with high stakes; dangerous-looking, but ultimately safe for performers. I believe in using quality weapons, safe techniques, and the natural abilities of every performer.



Maintenance & Repair

Blade Deburring

Rust/Corrosion Removal



Knives, Daggers, Rapiers, Longswords, Shields, Staves, Spears, Sabers

For Stage Combat or Costume/Set Prop


Choreograph the violence for the next show; Teach a workshop in Stage Combat


Weapons for Rental, Services for You.



Hi! I'm David, proprietor of Northern Edge Armory. I've been involved in Stage Combat and Theatre in Minnesota since moving here in 2001. I am a member of the Society of American Fight Directors, and have trained with teachers from all over the world.


I've been choreographing violence for local productions for 10 years; more than 2 dozen shows during that time. My work has been seen in the Guthrie Lab space, Theatre in the Round, MN Renaissance Festival, Park Square Theatre, Theatre Garage, and many others (click to see my resume!).

Now that my personal armory has become large enough, I decided to expand into the realm of theatrical weapons rental. I'm usually looking to expand, so if you don't see what you're looking for in a rental, ask me- I have a network of associates with the potential to meet your needs or I may just expand to include what you're looking for.

And if you own your own weapons, you know how easily the maintenance can slip by. I have the machinery and experience to offer cleaning and maintenance services; from simple de-burring to all out rust removal.

So if your next show needs some violence; a bunch of armed thugs; or you simply don't have the time to get your swords looking tip-top, look to Northern Edge Armory.


Here's a sword that had been through a hurricane and a teenager. Easier to see in person, but I've cleaned half of the sword. Click to see services which went into this sword.



David P Schneider

Tel: 612-599-6381

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Interested in SAFD Certification and Training? Contact my friends at Art in Arms